Good News

Brown bear reintroduction showing signs of success in the Pyrenees 

70 brown bears have been recorded in 2021 versus 52 in 2018.

All-women newsroom starts in Somalia

A ‘rare opportunity’ for female reporters to cover women’s issues

Okra can be used to remove microplastics from water

The plant-based polysaccharide can replace synthetic flocculants to treat water with microplastic impurities


Changing perceptions about sustainable menstruation

Sujata Pawar focuses on creating awareness about zero-waste menstrual products and menstrual hygiene. …

The Oxford brewery tackling judicial system’s false economy

Tap Social provides jobs to people currently serving or recently released from prisons. …

Rebuilding Nepal, sustainably

Build up Nepal is creating rural employment by building climate friendly, affordable, and earthquake-resistant houses. …


The Spark

How You Can Save The Planet: Book Review

This new practical guide aims to empower young people to act for nature. …

4 projects that use art for social good

Here are four initiatives that use art and creativity for social good. …


Help us shape the future of INKLINE!

Hello INKLINErs! We have lots of ideas on how to take INKLINE to the next level and improve our content. But what WE think doesn’t really …

Why more public libraries are doubling as food distribution hubs

by Noah Lenstra, The Conversation, May 25, 2021 This story is part of the SoJo Exchange from the Solutions Journalism Network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rigorous …