Plastic bags turned into sleeping mats for the homeless

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To help the homeless, a group of women from Tennessee have come up with a unique idea that can also save the environment at the same time. According to Good News Network, these women who call themselves, ‘Bag Ladies’ collect plastic bags and make sleeping mats out of them using crochet hooks.

Janice Akin, in a report  from WGN TV, says it’s addictive. “It gets to the point that you do two or three and you say, ‘Hey, I’m actually making a difference in someone’s life’ and you want to do more.” Every Thursday, the Bag Ladies come together to make these mats.

Honor Students in Michigan have also been using this idea to weave “Miles of Mats” for the homeless which also plays an important role in making sure plastic  bags doesn’t cause more environmental damage.

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