Three useful apps for refugees

According to Positive News, three apps are helping refugees build new connections.



1. Welcome!

A Swedish app which gives the refugees a platform to get information about government policies, jobs, schools and much more. It also has a chat feature that makes it possible for the refugees to ask locals questions that can help them.  It has been downloaded more than 10,000 times.

It’s available on both  iOS and Android. Get it here.

2.  Refugeye

This app was created by Paris-based graphic designer Geoffrey Dorne. Through this app the refugees can communicate using pictograms and drawings making it easier for them if they don’t know the language of the new place. It helps them in getting proper advice and support.

It’s available on Android. Get it here.

3. Refoodgee

This was created by a group of tech entrepreneurs to help the refugees feel at home in Berlin. The newcomers can  sign up on the app and choose the languages they speak and the cuisine they prefer which is then used to match them with the hosts. This app aims at helping the refugees mix with the new community with ease.

It’s available on Android. Get it here.

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