Flashing light to help people with Alzheimer’s

US scientists have found that flashing light therapy might help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

© Mikegi at Pixabay

A team of scientists from Massachusetts tested¬†their experiments with rodents and have found that when flashing strobe lights were exposed to the rodents’ eyes, the mice’s protective cells blanket the harmful proteins that could lead to this kind of dementia.

According to the BBC report, Dr David Reynolds of Alzheimer’s Research UK said:

“Studies like this are valuable in revealing new processes implicated in Alzheimer’s disease and opening new avenues for further research. While mice used in this study showed some key features of Alzheimer’s, it is always important to follow up these findings in people.”

The researchers are encouraging the US Food and Drugs Administration to test this approach in humans, and are on its way to fully setting up a company to advance this technology.

The scientists are claiming that people afflicted with Alzheimer’s could have speciality goggles or be directly exposed to light-emitting devices for therapy. It is expected to be painless as it would not involve any instruments going into the body.

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