Flyer donates his airline miles to families who can’t afford travel

Peter Shankman, who reached 35,000 flyer miles this year thanks to his job, has decided to donate them to complete strangers.

What better Christmas gift than being able to spend it with family? © Craig D at Flickr

Peter Shankman has donated his flyer miles to people who are not able to travel during the holiday, with some help from the Internet.

Involved in a selfless project, he teamed up with Abroaders, a website specialised in helping people to get the best possible deal to travel the world.

Announcing his new project on Imgur on Nov. 28, Shankman told people interested in donating their miles to do so using Abroaders. Thanks to the extra donations, he managed to send 10 people home for the holidays instead of the initial two to four that he had expected.

“We bitch about everything: ‘My flight is late, I have to get up early,’” he said to the Huffington Post. “But we’re actually really lucky. We get to fly all over the place, see new things all the time. That I can do this ― I’m pretty fortunate.”

Winners include a dad flying to see his autistic son and a woman with cancer going to meet her sister for the holidays.

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