How can we help Syrian refugees?

As the situation worsens in Syria, here are different ways you can help the refugees.

A man removing debris in Aleppo. © Freedom House at Flickr

The atrocities in Aleppo have left most of us feeling worried, helpless, and frustrated. These kinds of events often bring us to a state of paralysis – not knowing what to do or how to deal with pieces of dreadful information. But, there is always something that can be done for the better, no matter how little it may seem.

We have rounded up a list of charities and organisations from around the world that you might want to get in touch with, and as well as other ways you might want to look at to help Syrian refugees rebuild their lives.

1. Volunteer to help refugees

There are several charities that consistently need volunteers for refugees. As voluntary works obviously are unpaid, the turnover of people in charities is also very fast. So, if you have a little bit of free time, go ahead and spend it with people who need your care and attention the most. Here are some organisations that will need your help:

2. Make a donation

The most efficacious way to help refugees is to make a donation to humanitarian organisations that have made it their mission to alleviate the crisis. While it seems very impersonal to some, let go of this unnecessary pride and just give. Cash donations enable charities and organisations to mobilise as quickly as possible, from buying relief goods for refugees to providing medical kits for specific communities. Here are some of the biggest humanitarian organisations that you might want to get involved with:

3. Lend a room or a house

Contact a local authority or your local council that could help you with arranging this with refugee groups or charities. It may still be easier to directly contact a refugee organisation, but you’ll have to make sure to get all the governmental paperwork done so better to go straight to your local council instead.

4. Foster a child

There are children fleeing their homes alone. Give them food, clothing, shelter, and raise them as your own. They need this more than you could ever imagine. Here are some fostering organisations that you might want to look at:

5. Make use of social enterprise

If you have an existing business, you can opt to give a substantial amount of money to refugee organisations. If you’re just starting a social enterprise, why not angle your mission towards helping Syrian refugees? Get in touch with as much organisations who focus on helping Syrian refugees and work with them as much as possible so you know what their needs are.


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