Muslim man erects Christmas tree to show solidarity with Christians

A Muslim businessman from Baghdad put up the tallest Christmas tree to display that both religions can co-exist.

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The Associated Press reported that an Iraqi-Muslim businessman, Yassir Saad, erected a massive Christmas tree, which promotes to set aside differences and come together in the spirit of the holiday season.

According to the report, Yassir Saad, said that this initiative’s objective aims at “joining our Christian brothers in their holiday celebrations and helping Iraqis forget their anguish, especially the war in Mosul.”

As Mosul is where Iraqi forces have been fighting against the Islamic State, Saad’s intiative is looking to bring joy and delight to Iraqis in the capital amidst the chaos. The tree stands 85 feet tall with a diameter of 33 feet and is positioned at the centre of an amusement park in Baghdad – all amounting to $24 000.

“This tree represents love and peace,” said Saba Ismael, a teacher in Baghdad, to the Associated Press. “I wish all Iraqi Christians could return to Iraq and live normal and peaceful lives.”

It is known that the Iraqi’s Christian community has been swiftly declining since the outbreak of the 2003 war in Iraq as these Christians have mainly been targeted by Islamic radical extremists.

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