School in India charges ‘planting trees’ as tuition fee

In a unique initiative, a school in Chhattisgarh is providing primary education to students on a meager payment of planting a tree sampling as tuition fee.

© Carol Mitchell at Flickr
© Carol Mitchell at Flickr

A school in Chhattisgarh’s Bargai village named ‘Shiksha Kuteer’, has come up with a unique and admirable initiative where parents are asked to plant trees as the school fees.

At least 35 students, aged four to five are studying in Shiksha Kuteer, and instead of asking for fees, the school has asked the parents to plant trees. The initiative started by a group of local professionals and businessman aims to provide for students who cannot afford to pay school fees.

The school has received an overwhelming response from the villagers, who are glad that their children are getting quality English education.

“Shiksha Kuteer has opened in the village for students who are poor and have no money to pay fees. Students are being taught in English. They are being taught till a certain standard and their guardians have been asked to plant saplings instead of paying fees,” said a villager, Sevak Das, in a report by the Indian Express.

In case a plant dies, the parents are required to plant another one in its place. At least 700 saplings have been planted across the village over the last year.

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