Young Malawian women tailor and sell reusable sanitary pads

An initiative enabling young Malawian women to sell reusable pads is improving the women’s well-being.

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Local teenagers in the Green Malata Entrepreneurial Village are learning skills such as welding and carpentry, and young women are also learning to tailor and sell reusable pads.

Set up by the Children’s Fund of Malawi, the initiative allows girls to sell their “School Girl Pack” containing three pads and a pair of underwear for the sum of $3.50. The pads are easily washable and can be reused for long period of time.

According to a report by the Huffington Post, Julia Gunther, who spent three and a half weeks in the village, documented the daily life of these young women and saw how such everyday objects have a colossal effect on the young women wearing them.

“For me, the main aim with this story is to illustrate how a seemingly incongruous object like a sanitary pad can significantly impact the lives of young women. That something we take for granted in the West can make or break the future of someone in a developing country.”

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