Japan to add more tourist sites before 2020

This new project aims to promote other Japanese cities besides major spots like Tokyo and Osaka.

© Shell Ghostcage at Pixabay

The Japanese government will be carrying out comprehensive developments across 10 municipalities nationwide ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The fiscal 2017 budget of ¥2.5 billion (approximately £ 17.7 million) has been approved by the Cabinet to dedicate efforts into attracting tourists to provincial areas throughout the country, and not just the major cities like Tokyo and Osaka.

According to the report by Japan Times, tourism ministry officials said that there had been no project more intensive as this one. Half of the costs will be coming from state funds and the rest will be covered by whichever municipality may be chosen to be included in the 10.

2017 is looking to be a stronger continuation of the 2016 Visit Japan campaign that the government heralded during the past year.

During the launch of the 2016 campaign, Ryoichi Matsuyama, president of the Japan National Tourism Organization, told the press: “It’s one of the strong government initiatives to make full use of local tourism resources to enhance the competitiveness of Japanese tourism. As we look toward the future, we will generate innovation at all levels of the travel and tourism industry.”

In 2017, the new project plans to include the preservation of historic and cultural buildings, and the enhancement of former castle towns, observation decks, and the Edo-era stations.

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