Grandmothers lobby for reproductive rights

An 82-year-old founded Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights who are advocating for abortion rights and sex education.

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There are nearly 100 grandmothers joining Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights (GRR!), a group founded by Judy Kahrl in Maine, USA, who lobby for access to contraceptives, abortion, and sex education.

According to Yes! Magazinethe octogenarian is fighting the barriers that surround reproductive health care and has been actively lobbying for reproductive rights.

“Access to contraception and the ability to control fertility empowers women,” Kahrl said.

She talked about how many of the group members have stories of their family members “disappearing” to get abortions or have babies. Having seen that they don’t want their future generation, daughters and granddaughters to face the same stigmas.

According to Kahrl, advocating for reproductive rights as a grandmother gives them some leverage. With their “wrinkled faces and yellow T-shirts”, they draw attention from media and legislators in Maine’s capital.

The group efforts paid off and they celebrated victory after a bill to expand pregnancy testing, contraception, and STD treatments to low-income residents became law.

“Grandmothers have a lot of power,” Kahrl added.

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