Mathematician proposes to stop tsunamis using sound waves

Cardiff University researcher has come up with a novel technique to tame devastating tsunamis using acoustic gravity waves.

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Firing acoustic-gravity waves aimed at the oncoming tsunami could reduce its height and dissipate the wave’s energy.

Acoustic-Gravity Waves (AGWs) are naturally occurring sounds waves generated by violent geological events. They move through deep ocean at the speed of sound and can travel thousands of metres below the ocean’s surface.The research that could potentially save many lives was published in the journal Heliyon.

According to The Indian Express, the lead author of the study Usama Kadri said: “This study has provided proof-of-concept that devastating tsunamis could be mitigated by using acoustic-gravity waves to redistribute the huge amounts of energy stored within the wave, potentially saving lives and billions of pounds worth of damage. ”

The researcher says that if the waves are engineered, they can be fired at an incoming tsunami and that will reduce the waves’ height, causing its energy to disperse over a large area. This will take drain the energy from the tsunami so when it reaches the shoreline,  the reduced strength would produce less overall harm, possibly saving lives.

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