Tokyo 2020 Olympics to recycle old phones into medals

The 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be using recycled medals in a move to promote sustainability.

© Paul Hudson at Flickr

Organisers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games have urged the Japanese public to donate old phones and other electronic items that will be turned into medals.

According to CNN, the organisers are aiming to accumulate eight tonnes of metals to produce 5,000 medals. The move to go green is another step to raise awareness about the increasing threats to the environment.

“There’s a limit on the resources of our earth, so recycling these things will make us think about the environment,” said Tokyo 2020 sports director Koji Murofushi to CNN. Murofushi added that through this project, they are also able to engage with the Japanese public.

At last year’s Rio Olympics, 30% of the silver and bronze medals were made from recycled materials. In 2020, the organisers are planning to surpass this as Olympic athletes have shown support to the efforts of the organisation in promoting sustainability.

USA’s two-time Olympic champion Ashton Eaton told CNN that procuring used phones from the public is a good way for them to be part of the Olympic journey.

“The best part is that each citizen has a chance to contribute to the story, to raise awareness about a sustainable future and to make a unique contribution,” he said.

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