Crocheted octopuses are changing the lives of preemies


English hospital has improved the lives of its preemie patients using crocheted octopus.

© Amber McNamara at Flickr

Poole Hospital in Dorset, England announced that its premature babies were seeing beneficial health effects from cuddling crocheted octopus.

According to The Huffington Post, the idea seems to have originated from “The Octo Project” in Denmark. The octopus arms remind preemies of the umbilical cord, making them feel calmer and comforted.

“When they are asleep they hold onto the tentacles tightly,” said Kat Smith, who welcomed her twins at the hospital at 28 weeks. “Normally they would be in the womb and would play with the umbilical cord so the octopuses make them feel grounded and safe.”

Daniel Lockyer, matron of neonatal services at the hospital, said that parents were thrilled to see their babies finding comfort in the aquatic friends.

“Parents are already telling us their babies seem calmer with an octopi friend to keep them company so we’re looking forward to continuing with the project in the future,” Lockyer said.

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