Roma people use art to educate the world with their culture

Roma people, Europe’s largest minority, created comic-style art to challenge stereotypes about their heritage and culture.

© Tare Gheorghe

Friends of Romano Lav, a Glasgow-based charity supporting young Roma migrants, worked with members of Roma communities in Romania, Slovakia and Hungary now living in the UK to devise a comic-art book called the Roma Guide.

According to Positive News, the guide is designed to stimulate interest in Roma culture, history and people, and delve beyond stereotypes.

“Roma communities are underrepresented in the media and the few pieces of media coverage about them are negative,” explains Juliana Penha, who helped run the project .

The guide is part of The World Profile project which explores marginalised individuals, groups and minorities on every continent using journalism, comics and animation.

“Popular knowledge about Roma culture is based on myths and negative portrayals, largely produced by media sensationalism,” says Penha. “Despite being Europe’s largest minority, Roma people are voiceless. This project challenge the perceptions people have about these communities.”

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