London launches its first community fridge

First of its kind in London, The People’s Fridge is a big public fridge in the centre of Brixton where people can donate and get food.

© Michelle Tribe at Flickr

A ‘community fridge’ has launched in Brixton, South London where people and businesses who have spare, edible food can leave it there for those who need it.

According to Positive News, The People’s Fridge is a crowdfunded project run by a group of volunteers who want to cut local food waste and encourage food sharing. In the UK, food waste costs come up to about £ 17bn each year while 8.4 million people are living in food insecurity.

“We want more people to be talking about cutting food waste!” says Olivia Haughton, a team member of the project.

She goes on to say, “In the process of saving food from the bin we provide a source of fresh food for anyone who needs it. The fridge works really simply. People with food to donate can bring it at any time during the day. All they have to do is fill in a quick register of what they’re donating and when, then anyone can come and help themselves.”

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