Israeli hospital helps 16 deaf Palestinian children hear for the first time

As part of the Peres Centre for Peace Project, a medical centre in Jerusalem carried out cochlear implant surgeries on 16 Palestinian children.

© Army Medicine at Flickr
© Army Medicine at Flickr

According to a report by Ynet News, over the past several months, doctors at the Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem in Jerusalem performed cochlear implant surgeries on 16 deaf children. Six children underwent a marathon-style implant operation in the last month.

The cochlear implant surgery is very common in the Western world but is not easily accessible in regions such as Palestine. As part of the Peres Centre for Peace program for Palestinian children residing in the West Bank and in Gaza, all of the 16 surgeries performed proved to be successful.

Dr Michal Kaufmann, the performing surgeon, told Ynet News, “The operations posed quite a logistical challenge, many authorisations were required from the Defence Ministry, some of the children arrived without a medical record and required extensive tests at Hadassah, alongside the emotional and psychological treatment.”

Kaufmann described the Peres Centre for Peace project as “amazing”, as it “gives these children the opportunity to step out of their world of silence and live their lives normally and fully.”

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