Sex education to be compulsory in all schools in England

Children from the age of four will be taught about healthy adult relationships, the government announced.

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Sex education has been compulsory only in council-run schools but from now on,  it will be in all secondary schools in England as well.  Parents will, however, retain their right to withdraw their children from the lessons.

MPs and campaigners who argued for months that the previous guidance published in 2000 was out of date hailed the move to modernise it.

According to The Guardian, Justine Greening, the education secretary said,  “The statutory guidance for sex and relationships education was introduced in 2000 and is becoming increasingly outdated.”

“It fails to address risks to children that have grown in prevalence over the last 17 years, including cyberbullying, ‘sexting’ and staying safe online.”

Children will be taught age-appropriate lessons about healthy relationships, dangers of pornography and sexual harassment.

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