Iran-Azerbaijan railway construction starts

The North-South Corridor project connects Iran to a city in Azerbaijan to ease transfer of goods.

© David Gubler at Wikipedia Commons

Iran launched the North-South Corridor project, which links itself to its neighbouring city in Azerbaijan and will be used to transfer goods and passengers.

The track runs from Astara (Iran) to Astara (Azerbaijan) and is built in the structure of the International North–South Transport Corridor, the route for shipping goods between India, Iran, Europe, Russia, and Central Asia.

According to Azernews, Governor of Iran Astara’s Port Yunes Ranjkesh said that “the first phase of the operation a 600-meter-long rail track was laid while grounds are to be prepared for the second phase, which complete the whole project in the Iranian side.”

This new railway connection is supposed to not only benefit Iran and Azerbaijan but also provide a wider link between surrounding countries such as India, Russia, Turkmenistan, and Kazakshtan.

The North-South project is deemed to bring in a substantial amount of foreign currency for the countries involved. It is also predicted to boost other sectors of Azerbaijan’s resources besides oil, and to ease the access to Arab Gulf countries for Azerbaijan.

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