Indian Airlines flies around the world with all-women crew

Ahead of International Women’s Day, Air India makes first passenger journey around the world with an all-women crew.

Twitter/San Francisco Airport
Twitter/San Francisco Airport

The Air India flight departed from New Delhi on February 27 to San Francisco and returned to the Indian capital on March 3.

According to the BBC, the aircraft, a Boeing 777-200LR, flew over the Pacific on its journey to the US whilst the return flight was over the Atlantic, encircling the globe.

The cockpit and cabin crew, check-in and ground handling staff, engineers who certified the aircraft, and air traffic controllers who cleared the departure and arrival of the aircraft were also women, Air India sources said.

A company spokesperson said that they have applied for both Guinness World Record and Limca Book of Records to mark the feat.

Air India will operate other such similar flights on its domestic and international routes as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations which is to be celebrated worldwide on March 8th.

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