The UK’s carbon emissions have reached a 120-year low

The carbon emissions in the UK have dropped in 2016 reaching a total of 381 million metric tons.

© Daniel Parks at Flickr

According to an analysis by Carbon Brief, the carbon emissions in 2016 fell by 5.8% in comparison with 2015 and the use of coal dropped by a record 52%.

Last time the country emitted less of the greenhouse gas was back in 1894 when most Brits were still traveling by horse and carriage.

Due to industrial unrest resulting in reduced economic activity,  1921 and 1926 also saw lower emissions but for unintended reasons.

According to Quartz: “More oil and gas was burned that year, but both are relatively cleaner fuels. The UK also generated more power from wind than coal for the first time ever last year.”

The drop in coal use has been attributed to the implementation of UK’s carbon tax which doubled in 2015 to £18 ($22) per metric ton of CO2.

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