Cuba sees boost in software development sector

More than half of US companies are tapping developers in Cuba, promoting a stronger relationship between nations.

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Jobs for computer programmers increase as Cuba is dubbed to be the next international hotspot for software development in the Americas.

According to The Bulletin, John McIntire, chairman of the Cuba Emprende Foundation, an organisation that has been assisting in training entrepreneurs and business owners, that Cuba may rapidly be a hub for computer programming.

“It’s already happening. I know of half a dozen companies, all based in Miami, that already have software development teams in Cuba and there are probably more that I don’t know about,” McIntire said.

“I also know some big outsourcing companies, based in the United States, that are looking to establish operations in Cuba,” he explained. “Until now, they have only been visiting Cuba, establishing relations and starting relations with programmers.”

The U.S. companies that have been reported to hire software engineers and programmers in Cuba typically work on building applications for websites and mobile phones. Open source software that includes complicated coding techniques is also a big hit in the island.

McIntre further highlighted that there are a substantial amount of highly educated programmers who are underemployed, making the American companies’ outsourcing a positive thing for Cuba.

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