Kenya to roll out HIV prevention drugs

To curb the HIV infections, daily antiretroviral medication, or ARVs will be administered to thousands of HIV-negative Kenyans for the first time.

© Graeme Dawes at Flickr

The new program aims at lowering the HIV transmission rate to Kenyans who face a higher risk of contracting the virus such as rape victims and HIV-negative drug users.

According to VOA, Dr. Martin Sirengo, the head of the National AIDS and STI Control Program said it will involve Pre-exposure Prophylaxis, or PrEP and the program is intended to roll out next month.

“We are introducing PrEP to a selected population, not to everyone, and this selected population includes, for instance, HIV-negative partners in a discordant relationship, where the other partner is positive, “said Sirengo.

He also added that they are recommending PrEP to anyone who has multiple sexual partners.

As per pilot studies conducted in Kenya by NASCOP and the Partners Prevention Program between 2013 and 2016, daily intake of PrEP can prevent HIV infection by more than 96%.

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