Organic food sales soar in the UK

The value of UK’s organic market increased by 7% in 2016 and it is now worth £2.09bn.

© drburtoni at Flickr

During the financial crisis in 2008, organic food market was amongst the first to take the hit.  But today the growing sector has returned to pre-crisis peaks.

The share of organic food market in total food sales rose two percentage points to 1.5pc according to The Soil Association. It also said that growth of the organic food market has provided relief to independent retailers.

The chief executive of the Soil Association, Martin Sawyer said: “This is a hugely exciting time for the organic sector, with the market set to break through the £2bn mark in 2016 and reach levels seen before the recession. Thanks to the growth of online, it is now possible for retailers to connect consumers with the broadest choice of organic products.”

According to The Telegraph, the fresh produce sector, which includes fruit, vegetables, and salad, accounts for 22.2pc of the total organic sector.

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