Google to devote $50 million to education NGOs

The tech giant envisions its funding to close the education gap.


Google has announced that $50 million in grants will be allotted to nonprofits that address the inequality in education through “tech-based learning solutions”.

According to Digital Trends, the organisation has already donated over $110 million in the last five years. However, this recent grant announcement is meant to be Google’s biggest portfolio that will focus on nonprofits that represent countries from all over the globe. On top of this, Google will also provide volunteers, experts, and mentors for data analytics and user experience design to further strengthen the programs.

“Our education grants will focus on three areas where technology can help: giving more students access to quality learning materials, supporting teacher development, and reaching students in conflict zones,” Google noted in a blog post announcement.

“Around the world, students in low-income communities have to learn with fewer books, out-of-date texts, and materials that are culturally irrelevant or even in the wrong language.”

Through the grants provided, Google hopes to surpass all economic and geographic boundaries to empower students with educational resources that will help them improve their lives.

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