São Paulo develops inter-city railway system

The Brazilian state will expand its inter-city railway network as supported by the federal government.

© Gabriela Da Sobreira at Wikipedia Commons

On 28 March, Brazil president Michel Temer announced in a meeting with metropolitan transport secretary, Clodoaldo Pelissioni, that an inter-city railway network is included in the federal concessions initiative.

Brazil’s National Bank for Economic Development (BNDES) will fund this approximately $5.5 billion project. According to Rail Journal, a 431km network covering the north to south area of Americana and Campinas to Santos and as well as the east to west region comprising Sorocaba to Taubaté.

The report stated that “the first phase will be the 135km line from Americana to São Paulo, which will include nine stations, with ridership forecast at around 60,000 passengers per day.” It also mentioned that in order to have lesser construction costs, “the new line will follow the alignment of existing railways wherever possible.”

Construction is expected to take three to four years to complete. On the northern part of Brazil, a plausible inter-city railway network might also be funded by the BNDES. A feasibility study was finished and could provide a 1h 30 min journey time from Brasilia to Goiânia.

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