Illinois hairdressers learn to recognise victims of domestic violence

Attending an hour-long session on domestic violence will now be a necessary part of broader license requirements for cosmetologists in Illinois.

©Joseph Nicholson

Hairdressers in the state of Illinois will now be trained to spot signs of domestic violence and sexual assault in their clients and also help them seek support services.

According to Reuters, the regulation making it compulsory for cosmetologists to undergo training on domestic violence and sexual assault was adopted by the state in January and it is believed to be the first program of its kind in the country.

The first session was held on March 26 which attended by around 150 cosmetologists.  The students at the session were taught that a sudden change in behavior or hesitancy in putting on a robe or stories of repeated insults from a spouse could indicate an unhealthy relationship.

Chicago Says No More, a domestic abuse and sexual assault outreach organisation, helped in crafting the legislation.

“It’s a great start to raising the conversation,” Kristie Paskvan, the group’s founder said. “A lot of times people are afraid to come forth because there is victim blaming. People don’t believe them.”

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