Lottery funding to help save rare species from extinction


Funding boost of £4.6m to help save 20 of the England’s endangered species.

Chequered skipper butterfly. © TexasEagle Flickr

Leading charities and conservation bodies will join hands for the Back from the Brink initiative, the world’s first nationwide coordinated effort to help the endangered species and bring about conservation measures across England.

According to ITV news, the rarest species that include the shrill carder bee and the chequered skipper butterfly along with 200 threatened species, including hedgehogs, large garden bumblebees, pine martens and lesser butterfly orchids will benefit from the funding.

Through the initiative, 5,500 volunteers will be recruited and taught the skills to look after the endangered species in 150 key habitats and landscapes.

Matt Shardlow, chief executive of Buglife, one of the charities involved in the project said, “Our natural environment has never been more imperilled; dedicated work to rescue endangered plants and animals is a cornerstone of any sensible broader strategy to restore a thriving countryside.”

To read the original story, click here.

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