Australia collaborates with World Bank to aid Vietnam’s development

Australia and the World Bank join forces through a US$ 18.7 million fund to help Vietnam’s economic development.

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Australian Ambassador to Vietnam Craig Chittick signed a partnership with World Bank‘s Country Director Ousman Dione stipulating their 2016-2020 mission to support Vietnam’s development.

In a report by Vietnam News, Vietnam’s five-year Socio-Economic Development Plan worldincludes a renewed focus on trade and competitiveness, transport, ethnic minority issues and gender equality among others.

During the signing of the partnership, Australian Ambassador Craig Chittick said: “One of the great achievements under the first phase of the partnership was to support the Government of Vietnam to develop the Vietnam 2035 report, a bold and ambitious vision for Vietnam’s economy in the next 20 years.”

“Through the second phase of this partnership, Australia looks forward to working with the World Bank to support Việt Nam in implementing this vision so that all citizens benefit,” he added.

World Bank’s Country Director Ousmane Dione also agreed that the renewed partnership between them and Australia is bound to create bigger and stronger developmental results for the Asian beneficiary.

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