Osaka becomes the first Japanese city to recognise same-sex foster parents

Moving towards a more inclusive society, the city of Osaka recognised two men as foster parents of a teenage boy.

©Surrogacy-UK/ Wikimedia Commons

Marking a first for Japan, the city government in Osaka has formally recognised two men as foster parents of a teenage boy. The boy has been under their care since February.

According to The Japan Times, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry said there is “no precedent” for a same-sex couple being certified as foster parents.

The couple asked to keep their identity anonymous. The older of the two men said, “I am happy we became foster parents (and recognised) as a single household, not just as individuals.”

Unlike other countries where it is comparatively more common to see gay and lesbian couples raising children, Japan hasn’t been inclusive of LGBTQ applicants. But Osaka’s recognition comes as a long-awaited move.

Welcoming the decision, a support group for same-sex couples, spoke about the importance of creating an environment where anyone can become foster parents if they can raise children with affection.

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