Edible water balloons could eradicate the need for plastic bottles

Scientists just developed a new concept called Ooho! which are small globes filled with water that pop in the mouth.

Ooho! Experience from Skipping Rocks Lab on Vimeo.

A group of engineers from Skipping Rocks Lab, an innovative start-up based in London, created edible globes which would potentially eliminate the need for plastic bottles.

The start-up managed to raise over £500,000 in a crowdfunding campaign. Knowing that millions of plastic bottles are thrown away each year, Ohoo! could be a serious game changer.

According to Fast Company, the membrane is made from food ingredients which can be eaten but the packaging doesn’t have a natural taste so people can just compost it if they want to.

“When people try it for the first time, they want to eat it because it’s part of the experience,” says Pierre Paslier, cofounder of Skipping Rocks Lab. “Then it will be just like the peel of a fruit. You’re not expected to eat the peel of your orange or banana. We are trying to follow the example set by nature for packaging.

The designers say that people who tested Ohoo! have embraced the novelty so far and they are now targeting both outdoor events and cafes.

“Where we see a lot of potential for Ooho is outdoor events–festivals, marathons, places where basically there are a lot of people consuming packaging over a very short amount of time,” says Paslier.

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