Cardiff University receives £13m to be UK dementia centre

£13m will be allocated to Cardiff University aimed to help discover new ways to diagnose and treat dementia.

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Cardiff University will become one of six UK centres specialised in dementia with the investment of £13m and a potential £17m in the next five years.

The significant amount is hoped to bring improvements in diagnoses and therapies. According to BBC, up to 60 scientific researchers will be employed in the dementia centre by 2022.

Part of a £250m initiative, the UK Dementia Research Institute (DRI) Centre is expected to be the biggest investment Wales has ever received for scientific study into the disease.

“What’s exciting about this centre is that we can now take that information forward, find out the disease mechanisms and produce treatments and preventative therapies for the future,” explains Prof Julie Williams, the centre’s lead.

The centre will be housed at the university’s Hadyn Ellis building and will aim at identifying and treating dementia at an earlier stage.

Prof Valentina Escott-Price, a data analyst at Cardiff University, said: “I think our research will help to design drugs. To cure, or to fix the problem, there’s a long way to go, but just to modify, to slow down the progression, that we could help with.”

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