Google targets ‘fake news’ and offensive search suggestions

After Facebook and Wikipedia, Google has taken measures to curb fake news by improving its search engine.

The improvised search engine has an option to report inappropriate predictions.            Photo: INKLINE

To prevent false stories and offensive suggestions Google has added new elements to its search engine.

According to Hindustan Times, the new screening system is designed to reduce the chances of the search engine highlighting untrue stories, a phenomenon commonly referred to as “fake news.”

Google has also reprogrammed the autocomplete feature, which tries to predict what a person is looking for as a search request as being typed, to omit derogatory suggestions.

It has also added a feedback option using which users can complain about objectionable autocomplete suggestions so a human can review the wording.

“It’s not a problem that is going to go all the way to zero, but we now think we can stay a step ahead of things,” said Ben Gomes, Google’s vice president of engineering for search.

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