Australia opens its first rescued-food supermarket

New supermarket based on OzHarvest’s “take what you need, give if you can” model opens in Australia.

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Trial grocery store, OzHarvest Market, opens in Australia to tackle food waste and combat hunger. First of its kind in the country, the shop offers food past their use-by date for free to those who can’t afford to pay.

“We rescue food that can’t be sold by supermarkets and food retailers due to it being past its use-by date, but which is still perfectly good to eat,” says Ronni Kahn, the Australian entrepreneur behind OzHarvest. “If something has expired, that’s no reason to toss it away.”

People also have the option to donate the amount they want in exchange for the products which range from fresh fruits and veggies to bread, tinned good, frozen meals and home products.

According to Broadsheet, customers are also encouraged to donate any products they don’t want. Working with more than 2500 food donors, OzHarvest opened beneath The Addison Project in Kensington, Australia’s first pop up youth shelter.

“We totally believe this will be a catalyst to other property developers. We have the capacity to take it around the country, if all the forces come together,” says Ronni. “This is a duplicable model. Hopefully down the track there will be a free farmers market in every state.”

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