India unveils new plan to make every car electric by 2030

Energy minister announced that every car sold in India will be powered by electricity by 2030.

India electric cars INKLINE
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New plan intends to make every car in India electric by 2030 to tackle pollution issue and to lower the cost of importing fuel and running vehicles.

“We are going to make electric vehicles self-sufficient… The idea is that by 2030, not a single petrol or diesel car should be sold in the country,” said Minister of State with Independent Charge for Power, Coal, New and Renewable Energy and Mines, Piyush Goyal.

According to The Independent, Mr Goyal explained that the electric car industry would need two to three years of government assistance but he expects the production of the vehicles after that to be “driven by demand and not subsidy”.

A recent investigation by Greenpeace, entitled ‘Airpocalypse‘, showed that as many as 2.3 million deaths occur every year due to air pollution in India.

This new move towards electric cars would help tackle the issue by first targeting “larger consumer centres, where pollution is at an all-time high” explains Mr Goyal.

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