France prohibits captive breeding of whales and dolphins

A move to end animal cruelty, this historic legislation is a win especially for animal advocates.


The new law includes banning captivity of dolphins, whales, and porpoises. It also prohibits public contact with captive whales and dolphins to end activities that enable people to swim with them.

According to Care2, Marine Connection Director Margaux Dodds said, “We applaud this decision by the Environment Minister which we hope will lead to the eventual phasing out of captive dolphins and whales in the country.”

“[Environment Minister Ségolène Royal] has shown an understanding of the threats to the welfare of cetaceans in captivity and by bringing these new regulations into force and banning breeding, has taken measures to bring about an end to cetaceans being held in captivity – it is a great step forward,” she added.

This legislation has proved that more and more people are turning against keeping animals captive, and whilst there are still organisations that justify these acts by saying that captive breeding supports education and conservation, majority of public opinion believes that keeping social creatures in tanks is cruel and should be questioned.

Any organisation that practice captive breeding has six months to comply with the new law. Animal advocates from across the world are similarly working to free animals from captivity.

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