Unilever develops system to make plastic packaging reusable

CreaSolve Process, the brand’s latest development, ensures that used plastic sachets will be fully recycled.

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To create a sustainable, circular economic approach, Unilever launched the CreaSolve technology for all of their plastic products to be completely reusable.

The corporate giant will pilot the technology in Indonesia as the South East Asian country is known to produce 64 million tonnes of waste per year, 1.3 of which ends up in the ocean. Indonesia will be the venue to test the commercial viability of CreaSolve.

According to The Independent, David Blanchard, chief research and development officer at Unilever, said, “Billions of sachets are used once and just thrown away, all over the world, ending up in landfill or in our waterways and oceans. We intend to make this tech open source and would hope to scale the technology with industry partners, so others – including our competitors – can use it.”

As the company sells billions of products of single-use sachets, Unilever also announced earlier this year that they will have already developed a sustainable plan to diminish their waste, especially those that go to the oceans and landfills.

Unilever’s new technology was developed alongside researchers of Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV. The department head of plastic recycling of Fraunhofer told The Independent: “By this innovative pilot-plant we can realise for the first time the recycling of high-valuable polymers from dirty post-consumer multilayer sachets.”

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