Black rhinos reintroduced in Rwanda 10 years after disappearance

18 eastern black rhinos have been moved to Akagera national park, Rwanda, from South Africa.

black rhino Rwanda INKLINE
© Gerry Zambonini at Flickr

Second batch of rhinos arrived in the country last Wednesday aboard Etihad Airways Cargo plane following the arrival of the first individuals a week before.

According to The New Times, all the individuals have now been “taken to Akagera Park where they will spend a day in the shed for observation before being released into the wild.”

Prior to the relocation, no rhinos had been spotted in Rwanda for the past 10 years. A partnership between non-profit African Parks, the Rwanda Development Board and funding from Howard G. Buffett Foundation made it possible to bring the emblematic species back in the country.

“Rhinos are one of the great symbols of Africa yet they are severely threatened and are on the decline in many places across the continent due to the extremely lucrative and illegal rhino horn trade,” said African Parks boss Peter Fearnhead to The Guardian.

The rhino homecoming is also expected to increase the park’s profile as a touristic destination, boosting the local economy and securing Rwanda as a leader in African conservation.

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