Widespread internet leads to emergence of start-ups in Cuba

Growing internet in Cuba fuelling new ventures and adding to the growth of the island’s economy.

©Steven Zwerink/Flickr

As per International Telecommunications Union, less than 6% of Cuban households had access to the internet in 2015, which is one of the lowest rates in the western hemisphere.

According to BBC News, in recent times, the government has taken measures to increase internet access, by installing more wi-fi hotspots in public places such as parks and lowering the prices.

As the market grew, internet giants such as Airbnb, Netflix and Google have installed servers in Cuba and last month they began hosting data there.

The growing sector has drawn the attention of local entrepreneurs who now are coming up with the local versions of sites such as the crowd-review business directory Yelp.

The Cuba Emprende Foundation helped organise a 10x10K Cuba start-up competition which led to an invitation to Tech Crunch conference in New York in May.  Anna Maria Alejo, one of the people who were involved in getting together the Tech Crunch panel said, “We’re not exactly sure where things will go, but there’s a lot of optimism among these young people.”

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