First museum dedicated to migration opens in South London

The Migration Museum opened in Lambeth, South London and is dedicated to exploring how migration has influenced British society.

© Migration Museum

The museum will explore the issue of migration through photography, performances, and discussions. It aims at showcasing how migration is a common thread connecting all of us.

The organisers said that the institution intends to “fill a clear gap in our cultural landscape at a critical moment for Britain.” The programme for 2017 and 2018 include a range of activities from theatre to food pop-ups.

“Our new museum will have something for everyone – if you peel back the layers of anyone’s family history in Britain, you will find a migration story,” said Sophie Henderson, director of the Migration Museum Project, the organisation that has established the new museum to Positive News. “We will provide a space for exploration, discussion and reflection on this important theme that connects us all.”

One of the exhibit, 100 Images of Migration, portrays what migration means to people in the UK today through shots taken by professional and amateur photographers. Opened in April, the museum is housed within The Workshop, a temporary arts and community space near Albert Embankment.

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