Facebook launches program to address online hate

In a move to fight online hate, Facebook develops an initiative to solve the recurring problem.


The social media network is funding and training local organisations on what they can do to fight hate speech and combat extremist ideologies.

This launch comes after the tech giant announced its actions in removing content on their platform that is related to violent extremism and terrorism.

According to the BBC, the UK Online Civil Courage Initiative’s initial collaborators include Imams Online and the Jo Cox Foundation. In the same report, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer said: “The recent terror attacks in London and Manchester – like violence anywhere – are absolutely heartbreaking.”

“No-one should have to live in fear of terrorism – and we all have a part to play in stopping violent extremism from spreading.

“We know we have more to do – but through our platform, our partners and our community we will continue to learn to keep violence and extremism off Facebook,” she added.

The urgent action from Facebook also stems from the increased pressure it faced when Germany filed a legislation to fine social networks an amount of €50m (£44m) if illegal or false content is not removed immediately. In Germany, a similar initiative of training and funding organisations was also launched in January 2016.

People in the UK are encouraged to engage with the UK OCCI Facebook page and share stories and ideas whilst using the hashtag #civilcourage.

Brendan Cox, the husband of murdered MP Jo Cox and the founder of the Jo Cox Foundation, has supported this initiative. “This is a valuable and much needed initiative from Facebook in helping to tackle extremism,” he said.

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