Peru creates campaign to combat anaemia and malnutrition

The Peruvian government aims to reduce the number of children suffering from anaemia.

© Alex Proimos at Wikipedia Commons

Prime Minister Fernando Zavala announced that one of the government’s main focus for the quarter is to lessen cases of anaemia in children by 19% through 2021.

According to Agencia ANDINA, the PM said that anaemia affects 43.5% of Peruvian children under the age of three. In the same report, Zavala explained: “Meaning, one in two children suffer from anaemia that, if not treated, can affect their development; however, if detected early, the child will be able to grow normally,” he expressed.

To fight anaemia and malnutrition, Zavala encourages parents to bring their children to healthcare centres so they can be checked. This is to ensure that early signs of anaemia can be detected and that they could be prescribed with suitable medication.

“Let’s promote this campaign; it is important because it may change the life of Peruvian children,” he reiterated.

Zavala also presented actions to be taken to further this cause, including a media campaign or information drive that can explain the implications of anaemia and malnutrition and the ways to go about these health risks.

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