Sweden passes new law to become carbon neutral by 2045

Sweden has passed a legislation to become the first country to upgrade its carbon ambitions since the Paris agreement.

The Scandinavian nation is leading by example as they commit to cutting their net carbon emissions to zero by 2045.  The parliament passed the law with an overwhelming majority of 254 votes to 41.

The country already gets 83  percent of its electricity from nuclear energy and hydropower, having met its 2020 target of 50 percent renewable energy eight years ahead of schedule.

As reported by the New Scientist, in order to achieve a carbon neutral status Sweden will focus on reducing its transport emissions by heavily investing in biofuel and electric vehicles. Even though cutting down on transport emissions might seem a challenging proposition, Sweden does enjoy an unusually high support for green policies from its citizens.

Femke de Jong at the NGO Carbon Market Watch believes the nation to have a high chance of success and expects other European nations to follow suit,  “With the Trump decision to get out of the Paris agreement, Europe is more united than ever and wants to show leadership to the world.”

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