Qatar Charity to supply drinkable water to Indonesian universities

Qatar Charity signed the agreement with the Indonesian Ministry of Higher Education.

© Wikimedia Commons

Qatar Charity (QC) offered to drill 100 surface wells to supply colleges after finding out in a survey that Indonesian universities suffer from a shortage of water.

The Gulf-origin NGO will cover the costs of installing the tanks and as well as of water lifting machineries. According to the Gulf Times, the QC Country Director of Indonesia office Karam Zeinhom said that “the Charity follows a well examined development vision when determining suitable areas to implement its projects.”

QC has already drilled 3,550 wells in a city in Indonesia, Garut, and the NGO is taking it further with the current project which has a budget of QR 1.75mn (approximately GBP 372,000) – a substantial amount delegated for a nation that’s not their own.

The Directorate General of the ministry Ali Gufron said that this project aims to impact the lives of students so they can continue with their studies easily without having to worry about basic necessities like water.

QC has also implemented sustainable livelihood projects for low-income households in Indonesia, which have helped 12,000 families to date.

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