Coca-Cola to double the amount of recycled plastic used in its bottles

After pressure from environmentalists, Coca-cola announced that it will increase the amount of recycled plastic used in its bottles to 50%.

Coca cola plastic INKLINE
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Previously, the target in the UK was to increase the amount of recycled plastic to 40% and the drinks giant said that it will hit its new target of 50% by 2020.

“Other companies are already at 50% and are aiming to be at 100% by 2020,” said  John Sauven, head of Greenpeace UK. “Coca Cola is huge in scale and this is not an ambitious target.”

Plastic waste is a major environmental issue and figures obtained by The Guardian this month revealed that one million plastic bottles are bought by consumers around the globe every single minute.

With more than 480bn plastic drinking bottles sold across the world in 2016, increasing the amount of recycled plastic is essential to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

“Doubling the amount of recycled material in all of our plastic bottles is a significant investment and sends a clear signal we want to play a positive role in supporting the circular economy here in Great Britain,” said Jon Woods, general manager of Coca Cola Britain.

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