Syria’s first solar-powered hospital aims to save more lives

A hospital in Syria to have uninterrupted power with the help of solar energy, equipping it with the capability of saving more lives.

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Six years of civil war has had a profound effect on Syria’s electrical grid as a majority of the electrical infrastructure has been bombed or destroyed, severely affecting the hospitals which then have to rely on diesel generators which often face fuel shortages.

With the first solar-powered hospital, the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations (UOSSM), an international coalition of international medical organizations and NGOs, hopes to save more lives.

“To have those active (hospitals) resilient and operational, it’s a matter of life (or death) for many, many people in the country,” said Tarek Makdissi, project director of UOSSM told Reuters

The initiative, “Syria Solar” was launched by France-based UOSSM with the aim of making hospitals less dependent on diesel.

In the case of complete fuel outage, the solar power can fully power the intensive care unit, operating rooms and emergency departments up to 24 hours.

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