Chile stopped mining project to protect rare Humboldt penguins

The Chilean government has pulled the plug on a controversial billion-dollar mining project that was feared to cause havoc for local wildlife.

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© Tobias von der Haar at Flickr

This victory for the environment and the conservation world is especially good for the much-loved Humboldt penguins that were threatened by the Dominga Project.

The $2.5 billion project intended to construct a copper and iron ore open mine in the Coquimbo region of central Chile. After the ongoing controversy and insufficient evidence, high-ranking politicians from Chile’s Ministers’ Committee rejected the plan.

“Today we have lived a historic day!” Oceana Chile, a marine conservation NGO who campaigned against the project, said in a Facebook post. “The Committee of Ministers decided to reject the mining-Port project Dominga due to a lack of information and shortcomings in mitigating and repairing damage to the environment.”

Environmentalists were especially wary of the project due to its proximity to the Humboldt Penguin Reserve located nearby. The species is vulnerable to extinction and the site is known to be hugely important for their breeding making the nature reserve a key area for their conservation.

“Let us continue to alert and support the communities in the area,” added Oceana Chile. “This is a victory for all people!”

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