New York City offers free lunch to public school students

New York City’s public schools will now offer lunch free of charge to all 1.1 million students starting this school year.

free lunch public school
© U.S. Department of Agriculture at Flickr

Carmen Fariña, the schools chancellor, announced on Wednesday in the basement cafeteria of a Hell’s Kitchen elementary school that New York City’s public schools will now offer lunch free of charge.

“This is about equity,” Ms. Fariña said to The New York Times. “All communities matter.”

The vast majority of New York City public school students are known to be poor and almost 75 percent of those students had already qualified for free or reduced-price lunches.

The new initiative will help an additional 200,000 students and will save their families about $300 per year as the current price for a school lunch is $1.75 per day.

According to The New York Times, “city officials said the program was not expected to cost the city more money.” The State had recently updated the way it tracks families eligible for benefits helping the city to identify more students in need.

Schools officials indicated that breakfast was already provided for free system wide and that a free-lunch pilot had been in place since 2014 allowing to feed 10,000 children who would not have qualified for free or discounted meals.

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