UK cities to get millions of pounds for green energy initiatives

Ministers in the country are planning to fund more green energy projects.


Cities across the UK are to get funding, amounting to £3m, to build low carbon initiatives like solar panel installation on social housing.

This funding plays a vital role in the government’s Clean Growth Plan, a blueprint on how to achieve the country’s carbon targets. The UK ministers’ move to fund comes from incessant calls of a network of more than 70 cities in the UK that have been pushing to build clean energy projects at a local level.

Judith Blake, leader of Leeds City Council, and John Holdich, leader of Peterborough City Council said: “We believe the UK has a great opportunity to lead the world in an early shift to a fossil-fuel-free economy, just as we have led the world in previous industrial transitions.” Both Leeds and Peterborough are part of the UK100, a program that backs action on climate change.

The Clean Energy Action Partnership, an initiative created by the ministers to foster a better relationship between national and local government, would employ experts to help local councils that may want to build low carbon projects.

Claire Perry, the Climate Minister, is reported to be sympathetic to the UK100 program. “We want to build on our success and that’s why collaboration across government, and with people and organisations throughout the country, is vital as we prepare to launch our Clean Growth Strategy.”

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