New Zealand government to plant 100 million trees every year

New Zealand government plans to transition its power grid to 100 percent renewable energy on top of planting 100 million trees every year.

trees New Zealand INKLINE
© Brandon Oh at Flickr

New Zealand’s new prime minister Jacinda Ardern has set ambitious environmental policies to confront a warming planet.

As reported by Ecowatch, the incoming government is hoping to make the nation greener by planting 100 million trees each year, ensuring the electricity grid runs entirely on renewable energy and spending more money on cycleways and rail transport.

“I do anticipate that we will be a government, as I said during the campaign, that will be absolutely focused on the challenge of climate change,” said Ardern, whose Labour party has signed a coalition agreement with the New Zealand First party.

“That will include a zero carbon act. That will include an independent climate commission. That will include making sure that we have an all gases, all sectors emissions trading scheme,” she added.

Arden said the goal of doubling the number of trees the country plants each year is “absolutely achievable” by using land that was marginal for farming animals.

One of Arden’s main goals is to reduce the net greenhouse gases to zero by 2050, putting the nation in the same bracket as the Scandinavian renewable energy powerhouse Sweden.

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